Circuit Design

Circuit Design

  • Design of analog and digital circuits
  • Mixed-Signal simulation
  • Programmable logic

PCB Layout

PCB Layout

  • From double-sided PCBs to complex HDI boards
  • Ensuring of signal and power integrity
  • Optimization of thermal management

Mechanical Integration

Mechanical Integration

  • Support of the 3D electronic and mechanical co-design
  • Assembly and connection technology



  • Manufacturing of prototypes
  • Organisation and support of electronics manufacturing for medium-sized quantities

Software Development

Software Development

  • Embedded software for 8..32 bit µC
  • From low level software up to complex Apps
  • PC-based software using C# and .NET

Test and Qualification

Test and Qualification

  • Evaluation of electronic modules and systems
  • EMC measurements during the development
  • Investigations on the thermal behaviour